Why Cant’ the World be More Bookish??

Maybe it’s just me, but I have never had a fellow book lover judge me based on what genre of book I prefer to read, and in the same way I have never thrown shade at someone who doesn’t read the same genre I do. I can’t help but think as I sit here on the first Tuesday of November that perhaps the bookish people of the world could live as an example to the rest.

I can’t remember one instant where mass hysteria occurred when a favourite book didn’t win the pulitzer prize, or of a library that was looted due to their book of the month choice. Now in fairness, are there bookish people in the world who don’t agree with literary awards choices, or book of the months selections?  Absolutely, and I’m sure that someone,  somewhere has a story to tell about how Mabel stopped coming to “Wet Your Whistle With a Book” Wednesday because there was just too much skin in the Thorn Birds…but for real I feel pretty confident to say that for the most part Bookish People are the best people. 

We understand that regardless of what book someone wants to read, that whoever WROTE that book poured their heart into it. They were passionate about it , and if we don’t agree with it, or enjoy the it we can appreciate the work that went into it.

Bookish People are the best people. 

Bookish people are also open to widening their scope,  I might not care for horror books, but I am willing to take suggestion of a good thriller and give it a try.  Bookish People are open to listening to others points of views. For example, go to any book club and just sit back and listen,  every single people will have a different perspective of the same book….and I don’t know how many times I have been enlighten to views that are different than my own.

Bookish People are the best people. 

I have never met a more giving community than those who love books.  You only need to go to a used bookstores, or library resale corner to see this level of giving. I haven’t ever overheard someone get upset that they didn’t get enough money for their trade ins. You can go to any Goodwill, Salvation Army, Thrift Store and see load of books people have donated…yes it is because they probably needed to make room for more books…but who invests in something that they have to get rid of to get more of?? Go to a hospital, a USO, and Retirement home….I guarantee you will find a covey of books donated in order to make people happy.

Bookish People are the best people. 

Listen all I am saying is that however you say it I’m proud to be a bookworm, a bibliophile, a book nerd because……..

Bookish People are the best people!! 

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