My eyes are always peeled……

for a good book deal!!

Of course, the library is always my first course of action when I’m looking to read a book, both digital and physical books alike. I use Overdrive and have a couple different library cards linked up to it, however sometimes the books I want to read have a huge hold time and, although I’m usually pretty patient, sometimes there is one of those titles that I’m itching to read NOW…. But I’m also extremely frugal with my book purchases; the cheaper I can find them, the more I can buy! When this happens I turn on my special bookish senses and start combing the stacks for a deal. Here are a few places I look!!


Amazon is one of my go to place to find a deal. When I find books that I want to read, I will add them to a Wish List and every couple of days I will go to my Wish List and adjust the “Sort” button on my list to arrange the books from lowest price to highest price…. When I do this, if there are any of my books that have dropped in price, they’ll move to the top! I have found some of the best steals this way on current new reads. It can be a little time consuming but a way better way to spend my mornings than trolling FB 😉 You can also go to a place on Amazon where they list all their book deals; you can click here…this will show you all the books on sale both monthly and daily!

Modern Mrs Darcy

This is a phenomenal bookish site, beyond having a million different wonderful bookish things, she also shares Ebook Deals. Although the majority of the offers are Amazon, she also will offer up some audiobook links. Where applicable, she also shares books in physical form, and some I have found it gets updates pretty regularly. I have probably found over half of my Kindle library this way.

Book Bub

I use to see the pop-ups for this and quickly close them out, but now that I know what a great thing Book Bub is, it’s absolutely one of the best places to go when I’m looking for a good deal. This is a free service that keeps an eye out for deals for you and is updated extremely regularly and, like Amazon, you can sign up for emails of new daily discounts. Much like Modern Mrs Darcy they aren’t limited to Kindle but also link to Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google versions of the book. 


Although Goodreads is a phenomenal place to find books to read, as well as track what books you have read, what books you are reading, even what books your friends are reading or they want to read. Goodreads will occasionally host a book giveaway and if there is a give away that happens to pop up for a book you have saved on your shelf, they will email you so you can have a chance to win a copy of the book! I have won a couple books this way.

I’m A Word Traveler has a book club that meets via a FaceBook group, any one can join once they request membership. Our October book selected for our #imawordtraveler Book Club is “Mexican Gothic” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Released on June 30, 2020 this is a perfect book for the season and we aren’t the only ones who think so as the long library holds are proof. Sooo…..What a perfect time to host a giveaway for all my Kindle readers over on our Facebook group, (and it’s not too late to join! Just click here). I will post all our details on our book club group, so if your interested in how to try and get a free Kindle copy of our October book, then come on over!

Feel free to share some places you find your great book deals in the comments below, I’d love to see how you find your deals.

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